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Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root, “yuj” which means “to join together.” Simply put, Yoga means “union.”

I host a variety of seasonal gatherings including; workshops, retreats, yoga brunch clubs, SUP and Wild Yoga and many more. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates on seasonal gatherings.

Image by Luca Dimola


What better way to lift our spirits than a 'DISCO YOGA' Christmas special this festive period.

Join me as we celebrate our bodies in this 'disco' themed yoga class complete with groovy tunes and disco fever! Let's sweat away the blues and raise the vibration!! Be sure to leave this feeling pumped, joyous and groovy as we celebrate our bodies and what they do for us!


F R I D A Y 

17th December 

18:30 - 19:45
DRESS CODE: Sparkle + Shine

Tickets are on a sliding scale payment system. Members can book on a 'Community Rate', 'Sustainer Rate' or 'Supporter Rate' for: £6 - £8 - £10.

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